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The Complete Guide to Live Casino Games and Terms
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The Rise of Online Casinos

Since the 90s, online casinos have gained a foothold in the industry that rivals their land-based counterparts.

In addition to providing the convenience of an online platform, online casino games have also closed the gap between land-based and virtual casinos with live dealer online games.

Now you can enjoy a live game with a human dealer – straight from your smart device.

Understanding Live Casinos

Let’s look at live casinos and some commonly used terminology you should know so that you can fit seamlessly into the live gambling community.

What Sets Live Casinos Apart?

How are live casinos different from online casinos? We’d describe it as an online casino experience taken to the next level. 

You’re connected to a game with real dealers via a live-streaming video link. So your results are not computer-generated; they are being recorded in real-time from a casino table!

Immersive Technology

Live casinos can use land-based casinos as streaming venues. However, some top casino game developers like Evolution use state-of-the-art studios with the latest technology and equipment. 

Games like Immersive Roulette use virtual reality (VR) that lets you experience authentic, life-like casino games. With VR, you can see the ball at close range and in slow motion before it stops.

Interaction and Communication

What about communicating with the people during the game? Thanks to the chat function, players can talk to their dealers as if they were sitting at an actual table.

Players from across the country can play against each other and communicate on the chat.

Live Casino Terminology

Here are some terms you should be familiar with to help you navigate live casinos and games.

1. Ante bet: The ante bet refers to your first bet in a game (usually a live poker game).

2. Casino lobby: The complete catalog of online slots and table games a casino offers.

3. Croupier or dealer: This person hosts live dealer blackjack and other live games. They deal cards and spin the wheel. Feel free to interact with them during your live casino game.

4. Flash casino: A flash casino is a live casino online that you can open and play directly from your browser without downloading an app or any software.

5. Game Control Unit (GCU): To make live games work, the GCU is essential. This small device encodes data details from the live game and converts them into information on the player’s screen.

The GCU is what makes it possible for you to know almost instantly when you’ve won your bet.

6. Live chat: This text chat function lets players talk to the dealer (and sometimes other players) in real-time. It works the same way as a social network chat box.

Don’t be shy – feel free to greet your dealer or a fellow player with a message.

7. Multichannel: If a game is multichannel, it can be played on many different platforms. You can play it on a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

8. Multi-hand games: Multi-hand games let you play up to five hands per round. This way, your chances of winning are even higher.

9. Multiplayer games: These games host online players and land-based casino players simultaneously in the same game. All NetEnt live games have a multiplayer mode.

10. Video streaming: This is how operators broadcast live games from studios or casinos to your screen. HD quality video streaming with pitch-perfect sound will give you the highest quality view.

For the best results, ensure your internet speed is at least 25 Mbps before starting your game.

The BetMGM Live Dealer Experience

Say goodbye to random number generators trying to recreate the luck and chance of a real-life casino experience.

Technology has continued to advance since the origin and popularity of video poker, digital roulette, and blackjack tables. But now you can enjoy an experience even closer to the real thing.

At the BetMGM live dealer online casino, you can access a wide variety of high-definition live dealer games and multiple dealers.

Whether you’re new to online gambling or you’re still trying to understand online casino games, there’s no need to worry. 

Live games use on-screen prompts to show you what to do next. They’ll tell you when, how, and what amount you can wager.

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